Prevent pests such as rats, mice and sparrows from eating a large proportion of food provided for your poultry, birds, rabbits or pets. Also prevents pests from soiling the food.


Provide food in an easily accessible manner for your chickens and poultry so you can get away from home, and take a well earned holiday, leaving them with enough food in the feeder for ten days or more.


Protect food not only from pests eating and spoiling the food, but also from weather elements such as wind and rain, ensuring your chickens food is protected whether at home or away.

Grandpa’s Feeders were developed in New Zealand in 1995, after years of frustration of losing valuable food to sparrows, rats, and mice. It took several years for Bill (Grandpa) Kirkham, a retired farmer to perfect his automatic chicken feeder.

Grandpa’s Poultry feeders have a hinged lid over the feed trough. This lid is lifted by the weight of a hen stepping onto an attached platform.