Grandpa's History

 In The Beginning

Grandpa’s Feeders were developed in New Zealand in 1995, after years of frustration of losing valuable food to sparrows, rats, and mice. It took several years for Bill (Grandpa) Kirkham, a retired farmer to perfect his automatic chicken feeder. It was a project he embarked on only to solve his own problem, and had no intention of it being a commercial venture. It was a process of trial and error to get one that was guaranteed to work every time. 

Initial Prototyping

The first model was made of wood which was big and clumsy and rats chewed through it in no time, so Bill made the next one from galvanised steel. In the process of field testing his invention at his friend’s chicken run, the word got around about this clever creation and in no time there was a growing demand from friends and neighbours who wanted and needed one.

Bringing Grandpa’s Feeders To Market

Grandpa’s Feeders have now been made and sold for over a decade and have become hugely popular, and are now considered standard equipment for anyone keeping poultry. Grandpa’s Feeders are now also available to the Australian, US and UK markets. Stores>