Large Chicken Feeder

Suitable for: Heavier poultry such as laying hens and also larger flocks.

Will feed...

12 chickens for 10 days

24 chickens for   6 days

48 chickens for  3 days

REMEMBER: BEWARE of imitation feeders. Grandpas Feeders have long been recognised as leaders in the chicken feeder industry. This has resulted in copycat feeders coming to market which look the same as ours, however they are low quality, lightweight and flimsy. To avoid disappointment look for the Grandpas Feeders logo to ensure you are receiving the genuine high quality article.

 Please note: An additional £12.50 is required for postage and packaging. 

18kg / 40lb
12 chickens 10 days, 24 chickens 6 days & 48 chickens 3 days
40cm (h) x
55cm (w) x
63cm (d)

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