"Wonderful feeder, stops rats and birds eating the food. The hens learned to use it in 3 days. I really recommend it." - G.C. Mansfield - United Kingdom
"We are delighted with the large Grandpa’s Feeder. Our feed is lasting 3x as long, the local rat population has disappeared & they only need feeding/filling every week or so. After the initial training it was all happiness and fat chickens. Thanks for your fantastic device." - Dr G. Suffolk - United Kingdom
"I am very pleased with my Grandpa’s Feeder and am ordering two more. The food saving is nearly 50% by preventing wild bird population." - Mrs J Spooner - Brighton, United Kingdom
"Grandpa’s Feeder was the perfect solution to our ever increasing Rat population. Without it we would have definitely had to get rid of our girls. It’s very easy to train the Chickens to use it and now their food goes a lot further as we no longer feed half the Wild Life in our area. It’s a money-saver & has paid for itself already." - Natalie.S. Trinity - Jersey, United Kingdom
"Grandpa’s Feeders Are Great. No Rats-Wild Birds Or Wet Food. But Very Happy Chickens, Ducks And Owners. Thank You." - Mrs. Dodderidge - Cornwall, United Kingdom
"We are very happy with the Grandpa’s Feeder. It really does protect the food from the rain and it can easily feed our chickens for several days." - Mrs YMT - Kent, United Kingdom
"Since purchasing a “GF” I now have zero waste and zero thieving, with the thinnest, and most dejected crows, magpies, pigeons and starlings in North Yorkshire." - B. Payne - Harrogate, United Kingdom
"Very pleased with feeder. Chickens got the hang of it very quickly, food kept nice and dry. Would thoroughly recommend Grandpa’s Feeders." - Mrs D’Arcy - Holt Dorset, United Kingdom
"Great invention. Very easy for chickens to use." - G.D. Pembrokeshire - United Kingdom
"What a great invention! Hassle free feeding for the chooks and no more free food for the squirrels. Highly recommended." - Miss Heath - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
"I am absolutely delighted with Grandpa’s Feeder. An ingenious piece of equipment. Dry, ad lib, rodent free hen food. I fill once a week for 20 hens, brilliant." - J.Gibson - Wigton Cumbria, United Kingdom
"Please see enclosed photo of very happy chickens, they no longer have to compete with upwards of 30 crows for their food, (There is a large Rookery in the next field to us). The unit is a total success; the Chickens were trained in less than 2 weeks. Because of its success we have easily reduced our feed bills by 70%. You certainly have a unique product that clearly does what it claims." - John Haughton - Dublin, Republic of Ireland
"We have always used pheasant feeders for feeding our chickens in the past but have had problems with rats stealing food and the chickens dropping it everywhere.  However, we recently acquired an excellent new feeder from Grandpa's Feeders which seems to have solved our food wastage issues! See more photos. It is a metal feeder with a treadplate mechanism that means the chickens have to place some weight on a plate for it to open.  There is quite a good lip on the feeder which means that they can't hook out the feed and dump it on the floor as they like to do with normal feeders. This stops the local wild birds helping themselves and we've noticed a marked decrease in the rat activity in and around the pen. We weren't sure how easily our older birds would take to the treadplate system so we tested it out on the 1-year-old Barnevelder hens and Legba.  It did take a while but they got the hang of it after about a month thanks to the learning programme that came with the feeder. " - All About Chickens - United Kingdom