Why Use Grandpa's Feeders?

Why Grandpa's Feeders?

BEWARE of imitation feeders

Grandpas Feeders have long been recognised as leaders in the chicken feeder industy. This has resulted in lower quality copycat feeders coming to market. Look for the Grandpas Feeders logo to ensure you are recieving a genuine article.  

100% Guaranteed

We are totally confident that upon purchasing a Grandpa's Feeder you will be completely satisfied in both its workmanship and its effectiveness, or we will refund your purchase price in full, up to twelve months following purchase.

No more rushing home to feed the chickens

One of the frustrating problems chicken owners face is that hens require daily feeding to keep them laying well. This means that to ‘get away’ for a few days, hen owners often have to rely on friends and neighbours to feed them. Grandpa’s Feeders overcome this problem, by making available either 9kg/20lb of feed (standard feeder) which will feed approximately 6 chooks for 10 days, or 18kg/40lb of feed (large feeder) which will feed 20 chooks for 6 days, or alternatively 10 chooks for 12 days.

“A note to let you know how pleased I am with my “chicken Feeder”.  I now feel free to leave home for a couple of days knowing the chooks are well fed (and the mice are starved).”  - Daphue Matthew

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Keep out sparrows and rodents

The most common and frustrating problem for poultry owners is that other birds, such as sparrows, compete for, and in many cases steal the lion’s share of your hens’ food. More stealthily and therefore not so noticeably, rats and mice live around domestic poultry knowing there is always a daily free feed coming. These rodents and wild birds pose a serious health risk to both hens and owners. Grandpa’s Poultry Feeders prevent these unwanted critters getting a look in - they are both sparrow and rodent proof, eliminating this major problem once and for all.

“Your product has been so marvelous I am more than happy to help endorse it. I live in the middle of NSW and have silos all around my house. We experience mouse plagues on a fairly regular basis and this product saves me so much in both hygiene and money. Thank you again.” - Sue Hewitt Nyngan, NSW, Australia

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Built to last

Grandpa's Feeders are strongly constructed from permanent materials. They are made from high quality galvanized steel with an aluminium treadplate. They are sturdy, reliable and built to last. Many customers who bought feeders since 1995 are still getting faultless use out of them have proved.

Weather proof

The feeders are constructed of galvanised steel, this, together with its innovative design will ensure the feed remains dry. This means Grandpa's Feeders can be left either indoors or out as you please. Also,  beacause the feed is protected from the elements there is no need to worry about you're chooks when you go away on holiday. This will offer you the freedom to go away, without the worry!

Fantastic presents

If you want to give someone a practical, unique present which will last them many years, then consider giving a Grandpa's Feeder. Over the years we have had a lot of feedback from people who have either given or received Grandpa's Feeders as presents and the result is always the same - fantastic! It's a present that will give lasting pleasure and prove to be a real winner, plus be a conversation point in the back yard or around the dinner table.

Save time and money

Many of our customers tell us that their Grandpa's Feeder paid for itself in its first year simply by cutting down their poultry food bill. Because only your poultry can eat the food provided and all the sparrows in the neighbourhood can't, the amount you spend on poultry food will be considerably less. Also the need to feed your hens daily is avoided as they have access to days of food at a time.